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Grain Trader


The final step within the grain marketing team is the trade. While it is the role of the grain buyer and marketer to make a certain type of grain as valuable as possible, it is ultimately left in the hands of the grain trader, who is employed to find the best deal and sell the grain to domestic and international end users (flour mills, breweries etc.). They must have an in-depth understanding of trade rules and agreements, logistical contracts and specific commodity markets to research and evaluate the best overall deal.

Employment Levels
Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Agribusiness
Senior Trader
Trade Manager
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
General Manager
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Executive Officer


  • Selling grains to domestic and international end users
  • Maintaining awareness of global commodity markets to understand what factors most influence commodity price volatility – changes to supply and demand, currency fluctuations or hedge fund activity
  • Reviewing farm grain supply and pricing levels, and matching purchases to end customers
  • Knowledge of bulk handler operations and freight rates within Australia with relevance to applicable port zones and domestic draw regions for domestic consumers
  • Understanding of Grain Trade Australia (GTA) trade rules and contractual obligations under GTA terms


  • Grain trading companies
  • Typically in the City
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